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[IP] Taking a shot from a cartridge

It may be my Boy Scout training but:

I keep a "Fridge Pak" with me, like a small lunch bag, insulated - buy them
everywhere for next to nothing.
The insulation helps from the heat and the cold. Everyone just thinks it's
my lunch!
I take the along everywhere. In it I keep:
1.	meter and strips
2.	Meds
3.	Ice pack(Reusable) If needed - usually not, because the pack goes
with me.
4.	Extra vial of Humulog(in its own insulated and shock-resisent case)
5.	Insulin pen(will switch to just carrying spare needles when I run
out of the pens)
6.	Glucose tabs and "smarties"
7.	Glucagon emer. Kit
8.	Laminated card with DM infor and emergency contacts.
9.	Extra set of batteries
10.	Triple Anti-biotic 
11.	A couple of bandages

I also always have a "traveling pack" that is ready to go. I usually keep it
in the car - it is not heat/cold sensitive
In the Travel Pack":

1.	Extra pump supplies:
a.	Tubing(4)
b.	Refillable vials(2)
c.	Extra batteries
d.	Sport Case
e.	Instruction book
f.	Soft Set Inserter
2.	Bandages
3.	Tape
4.	Extra snacks
5.	Carb Book

Hope this helps,
What do others include in their "kits" (Daily, travel).

Enjoy each day...
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