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[IP] Re: ADvanced Insulin Infusion using a COntrol Loop (ADICOL)

> The latest press release is more
> than a year old!!!!  If they truly were close to a
closed loop system we
> would have heard about it through other sources
and certainly through their
> own press releases.  Of course, I could be wrong
(I hope I am) but it just
> seems a little fishy to me.

I have sent an email to adicol, to ask for any more
recent info.  This does not seem unusual to me at
all.  The most recent dates that I found were last
November (in German).  This is in Europe and will
not be completed until 2003.  I don't think it is
normal practice to be giving regular updates on this
type of research.  Apparently, this is the way much
research is done.  Most of us remember being told
that a 'cure' will be available in '5 to 10 years'
and of hearing about various cures that are close to
fruition that never marterialize.  Of the 3 results
(nothing, long time before limited success, or a
quick resolution and on the market overnight) I
don't know which is more likely.  I still hope for
quick, plan for nothing and will settle for anything
in between.

If I get a response, I will post it.
email @ redacted
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