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Re: [IP] Taking a shot from a cartridge

i never leave home without insulin, syringes, spare batteries, cartridge
and infusion set. plus meter and strips. I found a case with strap that
it all fits quite nicely in, along with something to eat for quick
glucose. i am male and it looks a little like a purse, well more like
something you would take camping. works great.

chris T1 82 Disetronic 99
> It's not always practical to carry extra insulin for a single-day trip.
> Shorts pockets are limited in number!  Also temperature is a factor.
> Cannot leave insulin in car during winter or summer.  Simply easier to
> carry extra syringes.
> BTW:  I was never told ot carry extra insulin - but then again I was told
> to never test the bg more than four times a day!  YMMV
> Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
> ------------------------------------
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