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Re: [IP] Diluted Insulin

My seven year old is also on diluted insulin for his pump.  We get his 
diluted insulin from the pharmacy.

>From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
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>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Diluted Insulin
>Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 09:49:04 -0800
> > My eleven year old daughter is going in the hospital Tuesday to get
> > started on her pump.  The doctor says she may need diluted insulin.
> > Anyone have any idea where we can get this?  I believe the pharmacy
> > may need to mix it.  We live in downstate New York (West Point
> > area).
>I don't like to contradict a physician, but only a few toddlers use
>diluted insulin. It is highly unlikely that your daughter would
>"need" this done. Even if she is in her honeymoon phase, the pump
>basal rate can be set for zero for several hours a day if needed (we
>did this when my then 11yo began pumping 7 years ago).
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