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[IP] Humalog Prices & Misc

I had an interesting incident the other. We are in the middle of switching
Health Plans and so when I went to WalMart to pick up my two bottle Insulin
I about died! $85.00!! I usually pay $10.40 for two
with Insurance.
A year to 1 1/2 ago when I bought it it was  $24.00 a bottle.  I asked her
to scan it because that did not seem right.
Well, when she scanned it it came up $29.00 and that made more sense to me.
I indicated that 60 bucks was still a bit less than 85 and she asked me to
wait while she checked with the pharmacist.  She returned saying, " No, this
is the price for it"
hmmmm....do I pursue this at all.  When it was scanned it was $29.00 a
bottle NOT $42.50

Chrissy & others~ I have tried two insertion sites in the 'bittocks"\  so
far and the absorption rate for me has been MUCH better than my stomach.  I
think I get near nerves because it is a bit sore , but the first night I did
it I went low four times because the Insulin actually was getting through!
I do not know if I want to try the thigh because it seems it would
constantly rub against pants etc.???

TAPE ISSUE~  I have never had mine come off..even in steamy summers.  I use
the BOTH tapes that come with the Minimed Softset Inserts. I also found that
if you use an IV prep pad first,the stickiness of it adheres your tape
better also.

Have a great day !


~ Life cannot be both failth-filled
and stress-free \ ~

Neal A. Maxwell

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