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Re: [IP] Ketoacidosis Question

I have had my pump stop working in the night.  It is scary, believe me.  The 
only way you would get bad enough to be hospitalized is if you never tested. 
  I did wake up with hgh bg's and ketones, but I caught it in time to 
reverse it before going into dka.  I have been hospitalized by dka 3 times 
since dx 12 years ago.  When I had dka, it was after a long time of not 
doing shots on time or properly, and never testing.  I had ketones for a 
long time before I realized it.  That was in my pre-pump, "denial" days.  I 
have never had above moderate ketones while on the pump  Always call your 
doctor if you can't get rid of your ketones.  I call if they have not 
decreased in about 4 hours.  You have to remember, with ketones you will 
probably need more insulin than usual to bring your bg's down a little 
amount.  Also, no exercise and lots of water, and just test every hour or so 
until they are gone.  When my pump didn't work (twice!), I was lucky and 
able to stay home from work and just concentrate on fixing those bg's all 
day.  I did shots until minimed sent a loaner pump the next morning.  I also 
test ketones a lot when I am sick, even if my bg's are normal.  I hope this 
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