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Re: [IP] What foods do you choose to no longer eat since having DM Was: regular pop

I avoid regular soda and swet tea- I've only used it for lows since dx.  
They taste really bad to me now anyway- too sweet.  I do drink fruit juice, 
but only with breakfast and for lows...I am very bad at getting enough 
vitamn C, so I feel it's worth it.  I think I've eaten cake with icing less 
than 10 times in 12 years.  I do eat cake, I just normally take the icing 
off.  It's too sweet for my taste anyway, and wreaks havoc on my sugars.  I 
don't drink whole milk or use butter since dx.  It was gradual, but I've 
brought myself down to 1% milk- though I can't bring myself to drink skim.  
I've also curbed my ice cream habit, but that's only been within the last 
year.  I still succumb occasionally, but I try to stay away from it because 
it makes by bg's skyrocket and really puts on the pounds when you eat it as 
often as I did.  I've actually started eating more things since pumping that 
I, or my parents, wouldn't allow before then.
Julie Britt
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