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Re: [IP] Re: Measuring pasta dry or cookedq

Here's what we've done - which takes out the variables of measuring by volume
and the problems that can cause with different shapes.

I cooked up a full pound of pasta (did it twice, actually, with linguini and
ziti) - took the carb count for the entire box dry, then weighed the pasta
cooked and did the math.

Basically, what we discovered was that regardless of shape, cooked pasta by
weight contains about 1 g CHO per 3 g of weight cooked.

In other words, take the pasta (trying to cook it the same way - al dente -
each time) - and weigh it after cooking.  If you want 60 CHO, then fill the
container with 180g by weight.  Seems to work well.  Just remember to zero the
scale to take the container weight out of the equation.....

And, for the next question, we bought a digital scale from weight watchers -
works very well.

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