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Re: [IP] ADvanced Insulin Infusion using a COntrol Loop (ADICOL)

<Remember, Disetronic is a competitor of Minimed's CGMS which is aleady on
market in the U.S. and the consumer CGMS will likely be approved by the FDA
this year. So Disetronic might be trying to grab the spotlight by
 ADICOL's progress.  I have no proof, this is simply speculation on my part.

- Tom>
Speculation can be very bad thing...along with ASSume and paranoia.

It doesn't seem Disetronic would have anything to gain by 'exaggerating'
anything here. MM's CGMS...even though it seemed to work fine for me, has
had many troubles with other patients in my clinic, Errors and malfunctions,
I think me, siles and a couple of others were successfull at getting the
whole three day's use out of it.

Disetronic and MM are businesses, and -like anyone- will try for a improved
model of a CGMS....Animas is also trying to do something with this concept.
But I see no benefit in "exaggeration" for ANY of them.

Jenny Sutherland
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