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Re: [IP] little black dress

I've got this very same issue coming up at the end of the week (my 17-year-old
daughter is performing at Carnegie Hall Saturday night).  while my dress is a
long formal and somewhat form-fitting, it's cut so that the pump doesn't stand
out.  My solution?  Tuck the pump into my undies!  Between the undergarment
and pantyhose, it will hold in place better than with the thigh thingie.  I've
done this on numerous occasions, and have never had problems keeping it in
place for several hours - i.e., no deterioration or reduction in insulin
strength due to "close body contact/body temp".  I've got a  MM 508, so I can
use the remote (I don't usually take advantage of this), but it's not out of
the question to take a hike to the ladies room to program a bolus if need be.

Much better than the "good old days" of the AutoSyringe - what a monster!  I
ruined a lot of dresses cutting holes in the sides to feed the tubing through,
and everything had to be belted with a pretty hefty belt because the puppy was
so big and heavy!  Unless, of course, I chose to disconnect...not a fun
prospect, since the infusion sets in those days didn't have a quick release,
so you either tucked the whole kit 'n kaboodle (i.e., syringe and tubing), or
you pulled out the entire set and replaced it later.

Good luck!  Send good thoughts our way...we fly out on the red eye from sunny
(and hot!) California to NY tomorrow night!

Kathy Fagan
T1, dx 10/68, pumping 12/82
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