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[IP] My little black dress idea Worked!!

email @ redacted (chris parsons) wrote: 

i think i remember reading that miss america, the one with the insulin
pump, wears it attached to her thigh with some sort of elastic garter
like device when she is in a situation like you describe.

T1 82 pump 99

On May 5th and 6th I wrote:


Tomorrow I am mother of the First Communion boy and I am wearing a light 
green (no pocket) dress made with extremely thin material.  I wore a similar 
dress a few years ago and had problems with what I had done.  Three years ago 
I used wide ace bandage and wrapped it in that but it kept falling down.

This year I made a contraption that is sorta like a garter belt.  For all 
sewing I did a few minor tacks then really sewed it with a machine.  I have 
bought a yard of one inch no roll elastic and sewed a buckle on one end.  
This is my waist band.

Half way around my back and half way around my front I have 3/4 inch no roll 
elastic sewed to the waist band.

I then attached each of these long strips to a 18 inch piece of something 
that looks like soft bias tape but it has snaps on it.  I put the pump on 
this like it would be a belt around the waist and plan on locating the pump 
in between my legs so it will not be seen.

THIS DID WORK! The snapped bias tape comfortably held the pump to my leg and 
did not cause the "ring" like knee highs do.  The 'Garters" kept the pump 
from falling.  

I have used the Thigh thing before and it slid down my pantihose.  I also 
purposely stayed away from velcro because it tears up pantyhose sometimes.

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