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Re: [IP] Taking a shot from a cartridge

>> Does anybody know how to get insulin out of a cart to give an emergancy
>> shot. My daughter is on a disetronic H-tron plus. I've tried to do it, but
>> the syringe is too short to reach the insulin. I seem to remember about a
>> year ago, someone had said there was a way to do it in one of the IP mail
>> digests. LindaM :-)

I have not had to do this as of yet but I plan to use the syringe as follows:

1. Insert needle of syringe into luer-lock end of cart after removing the
tubing luer-lock.

2.  Tip Cart so that the luer-lock end is down and withdraw needed amt of
insulin into syringe.

3.  Cap cart with extra cap and re-use per same procedure later.

4.  Use a lot of four letter words....

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