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[IP] ADvanced Insulin Infusion using a COntrol Loop (ADICOL)

I received the Pump World newsletter also.  While the article does sound 
promising I wonder how much of it is hype.  Did you notice that the ADICOL 
site has not been updated in over a year?  The latest press release is more 
than a year old!!!!  If they truly were close to a closed loop system we 
would have heard about it through other sources and certainly through their 
own press releases.  Of course, I could be wrong (I hope I am) but it just 
seems a little fishy to me.  

Remember, Disetronic is a competitor of Minimed's CGMS which is aleady on the 
market in the U.S. and the consumer CGMS will likely be approved by the FDA 
this year. So Disetronic might be trying to grab the spotlight by exagerating 
 ADICOL's progress.  I have no proof, this is simply speculation on my part.

- Tom
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