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Re: [IP] Re: Measuring pasta dry or cookedq

On Sat, 19 May 2001, pclark wrote:

> >do most of you measure your pasta dry and then count carbs that way?  the
> >reason i ask is because of the water weight and also the fact that the
> carbs
> >are different in equivadose depending on the amount of time the pasta was
> >cooked... so what is the safest way to count it?  i always did 7 CHO per 1
> oz
> >of cooked pasta and it worked that way but always went up later....
> This is a good question, one I have been struggling with lately. I have
> started weighing my grains and pasta dry because this seems more accurate. I
> figure out the total cho of the dry weight, weigh the cooked weight, decide
> what part I will eat and calculate the cho as a percentage of the total.

The carbs for pasta of any kind by volume is very consistent. Lily is not 
here at the moment so I can't tell you exactly what it is but my 
recollection is that 55grams of carb per cup is pretty close. This works 
for spagetti, elbo noodles, bowties, etc...

You can figure it exactly by cooking a pound bag (dry by weight) of 
pasta. This is usually designated as 8 servings of 40-50 grams each. The 
cooked pasta should produce seven cups of wet noodles without much regard 
to the "wetness" factor.

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