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[IP] Dancer needs help

Cheri...Thanks for your reply. My daughter is a ballet dancer. She has been
pointe for a year, and is expecting to audition for SAB this fall. The ideal
place would be on her chest if she had  anything there. Being 12, she is
self consious about a bulge on her chest that is bigger than she is. There
is a dancer in NYC ballet who is diabetic (dxed only 2 years ago). She is on
shots, and doesn't do a great job of taking care of herself I'm afraid to
say. I'm sure I don't need to tell you about the comptetion in dance. I need
to figure out how much and when to connect her up between classes so she can
bolus small amounts that won't make her crash, and still have enough insulin
to keep her body from kicking in with glucagon when it gets very strenuous.
As a dancer, you know what kind of work out a serious dancer has. Any ideas
would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Linda M.
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