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[IP] Hello, profile correction, and realization

First of all, Hi. I've been reading the list for a few days and thought I 
should introduce myself...Also, one correction to my profile...I typed 
wrong...I've got a 507C not a 508...Wishful thinking I guess. 
Friday at 1:35 am I realized how much I love my pump.

I had been at a friends graduation party (and in answer to the obvious 
question, I was not drinking) and I must be really comfy with the pump cause 
I dove into the pool with it...bad Idea...very bad idea. It was DOA...no 
amount of drying (I tried a blow dryer, even) helped. So I called that 
delightful 24 hour number so conveniently located on the back of the pump. I 
spoke to a rep who said that they'd send me another pump if it didn't work in 
2 hours...

All said and done, I got another 507C on Saturday at 10:30 am...That was the 
longest day and a half of my life, doing shots of H-log every hour. I have an 
endo appt. next month and will definitely be getting a "just in case" plan 
that's a little easier :) And that results in better control...A day of that 
and my sugars SUCKED. But all is happy again...

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