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[IP] little black dress

I totally agree about not caring about showing the pump because that's who 
you are.....But have any of you ever tried to find a place to clip that pump 
to a little black dress?  It's not so easy.   Dresses in general are a bit 
difficult because there's no where to put the pump and still have easy 
access.  If you try to hang it off a belt at your waist, you have to run the 
tubing from underneath which will probably hike your dress up in a very 
unflattering way.   Plus leather belts generally don't look great on evening 
dresses. And wearing it on a band on your arm sounds very uncomfortable and 
would probably wreck the dress (assuming silk or some other fine material) 
from all the rubbing against the dress.  I guess you could wear a two piece 
outfit and clip it at the waist, but that's assuming you can find such a 
formal outfit.  And when everyone else is in formal, slinky evening wear, 
it's difficult for me to go pull a business suit out of my closet.  So, the 
reason I want to find a "hiding" spot for my pump (or I will have to 
disconnect for ONE NIGHT ONLY) is due to the actual size and design of a 
little black dress not because I actually want to hide it.  I proudly display 
it all the other days of the year.
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