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[IP] Pasta

Gina noExplanation writes:
Pasta is a learned thing. I had Mrs spot cook a potion of 2 oz dry weight 
first, eyeballed it, put it in my hand, eyeballed it again, dropped it 
alone on a plate then eyeballed it again. I learned what it looked like in 
these states then put "gravy and gravy meat on it" sauce and meat sauce or 
meatballs. after measuring these additions. then I bolused and ate it, now, 
i know what it looks like on the hoof. so, esitimating carbs is a lot 
easier after these various exposures. I guess I should have weighed it 
again to figure the water weight but I wasn't that interested. Now i no 
longer have troubles estimating it in a restaurant or a friends house. If 
you cook it too long, ugh Gina it tastes like Paste and is disgusting, just 
al dente is good. remember the sauce is usually high in carbs.

do most of you measure your pasta dry and then count carbs that way?  the
reason i ask is because of the water weight and also the fact that the 
are different in equivadose depending on the amount of time the pasta was
cooked... so what is the safest way to count it?  i always did 7 CHO per 1 
of cooked pasta and it worked that way but always went up later....
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spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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