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[IP] Foods we avoid--and ones we EAT now!

Hi all:  I am enjoying reading all the foods members are eating now that they
are pumping.

My son is only 5 and pre-dx at age 2 had never really eaten junk of any sort,
and rarely gave him juice.  He drank milk and water.  SO really did not have a
taste for anything sinful, a blessing I am sure!

Since having diabetes we avoided giving him:
*Full-size chocolate bars
*Whole bananas (play terrible games with his numbers!)
*Candy of really any sort -- went for fruit bars etc.
*Ice cream treats like sundaes or milkshakes

Now that he is pumping I am fully aware of new things as he is always
surprised and says "WOW now that I have my pump..."
So now, he has had a few treats over the last 9 months:
*a whole banana! (his fave!)
*Cotton Candy (bought a bag and it had a carb count on it!)
*As many slices of pizza as he wants
*no set meal count so he can eat 2 sandwhiches if he wants!
*Easter Creme Egg
*Candy Necklace (20g carbs!)

I know that on shots I could have made adjustments to fit these things in
there, but would have meant another shot, which for a little kid was torture
(for both of us.)

SO enjoy your Cinnabons and Krispy Creme donuts and Tiramisu!

(son 5, pumping 9 months)
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