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[IP] Minimed Glucose Monitor

Hi All,
    I have been trying unsuccessfully to use the Minimed Glucsed Monitoring System for about
the last month.  I did use it successfully last fall but, it seems my body is rejecting the
sensor now.  Maybe I built up an immunity after the first time.  I live in Northern
Minnesota 200 miles from any endo.  I go to an internist who lets my CDE and I handle pump
problems.  The first two sensors didn't work at all but they were close to their expiration
date.  So, my CDE ordered new ones.  Although they ended up working just fine when my CDE
and someone else tried them.  The first on from the new set worked for alsmost 48 hours.
Then I kept getting an erroe message.  When it was downloaded - it hadn't worked for the
first 5 hours then it worked for about 30 hours.  Fourth try didn't work at all - error
messages.  Fifth try went for 48 hours before I got error messages.  Fro those of you who
are wondering it's supposed to work for at least 72 hours.  My CDE talk to our Minimed rep
who also consulted with an endo.  They were aware of it happening two other times.  I was
just wondering if anyone else has experiences this?

Babs Moffett
Dx 36yrs  pumping 1 yr
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