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[IP] Diabetes Educator

Hi all,
  I haven't posted much lately but, I have been reading the digests.  I had 
to share with you what is going on in our progression on getting Ashley on 
the pump.  We went to see the Diabetes Educator yesterday.  She was quite 
impressed with how educated I am on the pump.  Which I have to thank you all 
for all the information you have given me here.  I have also been reading the 
Pumping Insulin book.  Which is very good.  
  Anyway they will be making an appt with our Endo up in Portland for next 
month when Ashley gets out of school.  Then we will spend 3 days up there 
with Ashley on the sensor.  I have already sent in the paperwork to Minimed 
to get started on that.  So I am really hoping we will be pumping as soon as 
next month.  Our Educator is a registered Minimed pump trainer.  So she will 
be the one to teach us how to use it.  I am really happy about that because 
Ashley & I both love her.
  One other thing I wanted to mention.  We have a clinic that is called The 
Kid's Health Connection in two of our grade schools.  It is in my daughters 
school & I sit on the advisory counsel for it.  I have given little speeches 
at a breakfast & a luncheon for the Contributors.  My speech is telling them 
about Diabetes Type I & how the clinic helps my daughter at school on a daily 
basis.  The Luncheon I spoke at was just a few days ago.  I had several 
people come up to me after the Luncheon to ask me questions about Diabetes.  
One older woman actually asked me if my daughter was a Diabetic because of 
her diet.  LOL  So I also educated a smaller group of people on what happens 
in a persons body when they become a type I Diabetic.  They were all 
fascinated.  I have been asked to speak to the Kiwana's next.  So I feel 
pretty good that I am at least getting to some people:-)

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley age 10(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping yet)
Check out our Diabetes site  www.elviradarknight.com/diabetes/info.html
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