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Re: [IP] rephrase the question

>From: Janet S Ellis <email @ redacted>

>Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 06:08:56 -0700
>How do you keep from running out of sites if you're small?  I'm afraid
>I'm going to run out of available places to stick the infusion sets.
>I've only been pumping since Jan. and already some of the sites are hard
>and they don't absorb the insulin well.

Where are putting your sites?I am small (5'2'' and 108 lb.), but I do have a 
fattish stomach. I have been pumping for a year as of April14th and have 
only used my stomach. I move new site about 1-2" from old site. Am going to 
start using mid-riff area with sils and/or quik-sets. I would never use my 
legs as they are VERY skinny. I have not had any sites get hard and change 
sites about every 3 days.


email @ redacted

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