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Re: [IP] Ketoacidosis Question

On 18 May 2001, at 21:29, email @ redacted wrote:

> My Endocrinologist said that it takes 7 weeks for a ketoacidosis case to
> send you into a coma, so I wouldn't worry about it during the night-time. 
> I'm not on a pump yet, so I don't know exactly what yyou should do during
> that kind of a situation.
> Kyle J. Skinner

Seven weeks?  Are you sure he was referring to Ketoacidosis and not to 
Hyperosmolar Nonketotic coma?  It sure sounds that way to me.  I'm not even 
sure that it would take seven weeks for HHNS to result in coma.  Many type 1s 
can go into coma in a MUCH shorter time, though at least it is not as threatening 
a coma as HHNS.

As far as going into coma overnight, ALWAYS check your bgs before bed.  If 
they are up from your earlier readings, I would do some corrections or analysis of 
what is going on before I went to bed.  If they were high enough, perhaps a 2 AM 
re-check and correction would be in order.  I've woken up ketotic before and it is 
no way to start a day.     :>(

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