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[IP] re: Elvis in my Kitchen!

<< Katie's Animas Pump Has Arrived!  She's named it Elvis (hi to jan!) and 
been devouring the manual & video . . . 

One thing I have been wanting to do is to get an idea of people's target 
ranges and at what BG level you correct for a "high" . . . I've had some 
pumpers say they correct over 120, others 150 (always assuming you've taken 
unused insulin into account) . . . Katie's a kid chronologically (age 10), 
but at 5' and 100 lbs. she has an adult size body . . . >>

Hi Lyndy

Jan's Elvis says to tell Katie's Elvis "thankyouver'much" and that he's "all 
shook up" with emotion over the honor having another pump named after him. 
<g>  So why did Katie name hers Elvis? Mine is so when he conks out, I can 
call MiniMed and say, "Elvis is dead." I suppose Katie could call Animas ...

About correcting: My endo likes me to be under 120 before meals and under 160 
two hours after. So I correct if I'm above those two numbers (at the 
appropriate times). I would ask the endo what he/she would like to see for 
Katie if I were you.

Jan and Elvis (hi to Katie and Elvis!)
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