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[IP] RE: Whose Responsibility?

>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #134 opinions
> I agree with  those that believe that there are companies with self
>interests and profit from our misfortune. I believe that we as voters and
>growing in numbers should contact our congressmen and demand that a law
>should be inacted that requires all drug companies that manufacture for
>specific diseases,insulin,syringes alcohol,pumps and other materials be
>forced to donate a percentage of their profits towards a cure. If
>this would
>be required by law then these funds would in the millions and
>would help fund
>all types of diseases.

Free enterprise is founded on making profits.  It is what drives the economy
and is the ultimate source of all products, including medications.
Historically, in countries where profits were restricted, or government
controlled, there has been little research and even less production of
medications and other products.  The government has no business telling
individuals or corporations what to do with their money.  The employees of a
company would be justifiably upset if the government forced them to donate
part of their wages to a specific, or any other, charity of their choice.
It's no different for corporations.  If corporations were required to give
their profits away then prices would rise and the consumer would end up
subsidizing the donations.  I would rather choose where my money goes by
myself.  Personally, I believe that I have profited from the enterprise of
corporations rather than vice versa.

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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