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[IP] The 7-11 Slurpee

I remember the day I was diagnosed with diabetes. I had in hand  a slurpee
before I went to the hospital.  I really don't know why people like to tell
diabetics not to eat refined suger etc.  The 44 oz slurpee is one of the
simplest things to take care of with a insulin shot.  5 units covers it
perfectly for me.  I think worse is eating highly refined sugar with fat.  Its
almost impossible to adjust a bosal to something with fat in it.  Because you
don't really know how long the raise will be and how long to adjust a square
bosal in relation.  That's in general.  But if I had the choice between
something that said 45 carbs, 0 fat, and something that said 30 carbs and 15
fat.  I would take the 45 carb, 0 fat item, because it would be easier to
calculate for.  The other day I go to Costco and the lady sees I have medical
alert bracelet and asked if I was diabetic.  I said "yes".  This gal is
serving bite size pieces of cherry cheese cake.  This is what the gal says to
me, "now you know you shouldn't be eating this."   In one way Im glad that
someone is taking a personal interest in my health.  On the other hand I
wanted to grab a whole cherry cheese cake and dip my hand in the center of it
and take a bite.   So im going to keep on drinking slurpees when I please. I
only wish they put the little baseball coins on the bottom of the cup again.
And no I don't think drinking slurpees all day is a good thing.

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