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[IP] The story on Vioxx...?

> I have been taking Vioxx for the past 3 mos. for arthritis in my knee.  IT
> worked better than any other meds.
> Problem is that on my most recent blood work went from 18 to 40.
> (BUN).  Dr. will repeat test in 2 wks. off Vioxx and HCTZ.

> My other frustration is not being able to be on the Vioxx.  I have
> all the NAIDS to find that they should not be used for the same reasons as
> Vioxx.

> Jackie, all of the NSAIDS are brutal on the kidney and "diabetics" should
> take them...that includes the cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors like vioxx and
> celebrex.

Sorry for including all the snips above...but they've got me thoroughly
confused!  I'm on Vioxx for costochondritis (chronic inflammation of the
cartilage in the chest cavity...feels like a heart attack) - my doctor (GP)
put me on it after the costo landed me in the hospital in February.  Saw my
endo this morning, & he was very happy to know that this is what I'm taking.
Anyone know where to go, resource-wise, to hunt out the truth about Vioxx?

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