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Re: [IP] What foods do you choose to no longer eat since having DM Was: regular pop

After getting DM,I lost my taste for:
 Sugared beverges,or any sort of carb liquids(lemonade
in particular,even with aspertame.)
 fast-acting candies,like skittles,m+m's(chocolate
bars I still like) 
 cherrios and sugared cereals
 The rational behind hating fudge,cereal,and the
lemonade is before dx these foods tasted weird and
made me sick to my stomach.I don't know if anyone else
has had this experience,that foods didn't taste the
same with high blood sugars but these in particular
were unforgitably horrible.
 The first thing I knew I was going to try after
getting a pump was a 7-11 Slurpee.Pre diagnosis,I
loved them.(except the lemonade flavor)I still do,but
haven't had one since the summer of 1998(pre dx)so I
was itching to try one.So I got one,drank it,and don't
have a clue how many carbs was in it,I just kept
bolusing for it.Eventually my blood sugars came into
normal range,even though its a fast acting sort of
carb thats the only sort of that thing I still
like)Live and learn.
            A pumper for 25 days  on a MM 508 and
anxiosly awaiting the results of yesterdays a1c!

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