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Re: [IP] Boluses for large amounts of carbs

> After eight weeks pumping my son (John, 7) and I are thrilled with
> the pump.  We do have a few problems to work out however. 
> Keeping in mind his basals are not perfect (hopefully one day) why
> do we have our biggest problems the bigger the bolus?  It's almost
> as if we cross some threshold beyond 60 grams of carbs (his typical
> meal amount before the pump) and end up low in a couple of hours. If
> we stay around 60 we are fine but going to 75-90 yikes!  This would
> be using the same ratio (30:1) that works well at other times and
> carefully calculating the carbs.  

Just a guess, but I'd say the ratio is too low. Your numbers would 
indicate maybe a ratio of 33:1 - 35:1

Post-prandial bg's should typically be 120 - 180 depending on the 
glycemic index of the food and it's match to the insulin absorbtion. 
He should return to pre-meal bg's after 3-5 hours assuming it isn't 
pizza or mac+cheese or the like and that basals are on target, etc...

Your CDE should be able to help you get this just right. It's pretty 
easy to overinsulinize "a little"

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