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[IP] Re: hospitals need to rethink the "diabetic diet"

My family has had two experiences with this non-sense.

1.  When my Dad (type 2) was in the hospital for a broken hip (& where he 
contracted the staph infection that later killed him) - he was having many 
lows because he couldn't eat anything - BUT could swallow the pills.  I'll 
never forget my RANT at the nurse's station explaining why he needed ginger 
ale WITH SUGAR - they would only give him diet gingerale & his BGs were 50 & 
falling.  (I had been sneaking him glazed doughnuts for days, but finally he 
couldn't even eat those.)  Finally one nurse got it - after I started talking 
about carbs & how much the BGs needed to be raised and threatened to get my 
daughter's glucagon and inject him -- she went to get the regular ginger ale 
herself.  Maybe my Dad would have been spared the agony of the staph 
infection if they had just kept feeding him diet ginger ale - but we wont' go 

2.  The other story is about when my daughter (the pumper) was in the 
hospital overnight with pneumonnia (different hospital) -- every nurse that 
came on duty apologized for the fact that she didn't have the "diabetic diet" 
- -- I had to stop at least 3 of them from changing it. It was just TOO STUPID. 
 They were going to have us talk to a nutritionist in the AM.  Luckily -- we 
checked out before that fiasco happened.  

Why oh why don't RNs & hospital nutritions know there ain't no such thing as 
a diabetic diet!!?????

Thanks to all on insulin pumpers who give us all the chutpzah to stand up for 
ourselves and our loved ones.  I often wonder if I just don't know enough -- 
now I know I know much, much more than many of the so-called "Professionals" 
out there.  My apologies to those professionals who don't fall into this 
category -- I just want to encourage all to question, question, question when 
they don't think the "professionals" are giving the right advice.

Liz B.
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