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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #142

SNIP >>Q >>  I would appreciate any information any member of this group can offer
> > regarding taking female hormones and what reactions you have had in regards
> > to your blood sugars.  Thank you for your help.
> > Dianne Mattiace
>A.  I have been taking Premarin .625 for 25 days out of a month since 11/78. Of
> course, this was before home BGs and pumping, but I see the benefits far
> outweigh any extra insulin I might have to take because of the hormones. Since
> I'm still using the S.W.A.G. system I do not know any changes during the five
> days of my *dot* (not a period - lol). (~_^)<<<< Snip

Ditto for me, except I have been taking HRT - Premphase -for about 
11 years. Premphase is a combonation of premarine and progestrin 
(sp??).  I take the low dose.   I am 60.   Actually, The HRT program 
has been very beneficial in more ways than I can count.  Going 
through Menopause sent my BGs all over the place and was the 
main reason I got on the pump.  Because for two years before the 
pump, the hot flashes and the crazy bg levels almost sent me over 
the edge.   Got Pump, everything leveled out.  Coincidence?   Who 

Everyone' s body reacts to differently.  My personal experience is 
all I can share - Jan saw the benefits also for her also.  You may 
have different experiences.  Now, personally, I would kill anyone 
who tried to take my ERT away!  

And my daughter says she is going to get that T-shirt that says "I 
have PMS and I have a gun!.....

HRT gave my bgs stability.  So, I think they are great. 
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