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[IP] Tax vs Donate

 SNIP>>>>> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #134 opinions
>  I agree with  those that believe that there are companies with self 
> interests and profit from our misfortune. I believe that we as voters and 
> growing in numbers should contact our congressmen and demand that a law 
> should be inacted that requires all drug companies that manufacture for 
> specific diseases,insulin,syringes alcohol,pumps and other materials be 
> forced to donate a percentage of their profits towards a cure. If this would 
> be required by law then these funds would in the millions and would help fund 
> all types of diseases.SNIP<<<<

It would be so great that we would probably have a real cure with a 
matter of years.  HOWEVER, it wouldn't be a donation, it would be 
a TAX!     But maybe they could receive a tax credit or business 
exemption for the donations just like we on our income tax forms 
for Charity.  
Great thought, though.   
Bonnie R. 
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