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[IP] "regular" pop

My daughter prefers diet.  But if she is offered root beer and there is no
diet she will bolus for it.  She is 9.  Your son sounded older.

I consider the main issue to be bg control not what kind of pop.  If he can
do it with control, then I say, let him.  Have him prove his control or
lack of it.  That is really what you are after.  He will be on his own SOON
and will make these decision himself SOON.  Help him develop the tools to
handle anything that pops up not just those things that can enter into the
controlled world we parents provide.

My daughter would not even ask if she could have a regular pop at a friends
house, she would just have it, because she knows we don't care if it is
regular or unleaded.  We only are interested in if her efforts to control
her bg worked or not.  If it didn't work she will try something else next

For the last 30 days 76% of her numbers have been in range.  I don't think
she has had any regular pop though.  She does have a habit of making some
odd concoction from marshmallows, chocolate chips and a few other things in
the microwave after school.

Curtis Lomax
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