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[IP] Ketoacidosis Question

Hi, everyone. i have been on minimed pump since march 2001. the one thing 
that scares me is DK. What if your pump stops working overnite while your 
sleeping, would you wake up like you do from a low blood sugar? Would you be 
so ill you would have to go to the hospital. i have had a few occlusions and 
a few clogs in the beginning where i had large ketones and i hate to say it 
but i vomited as well. but i knew to take a shot of humalog right away and 
drink fluids. my sugar came down and so did my ketones. but i have read if 
you become sick like this you must go to the hospital, but i assume that 
means only if your sugar did not come down from the shots right?? its scary, 
the only way you know your pump is not working or clogged is by those awful 
highs and those terrible ketones. anyone ever go high thru the night without 
knowing until they got up in the am? thanks all and have a nice day! eileen
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