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[IP] Beverages,etc.

     1. 25% of children in US are obese
     2. All sodas, cokes, etc., have "empty" calories, not a bit of nutrition
     3. Children should not drink "sports drinks." These drinks have 
electrolytes,etc. calculated for adults.
     4. The new sugar-free drinks with Splenda are excellent.  Diet Rite 
brand contains Splenda. Splenda has been tested for years, is safe for all, 
even pregnancy (although most obstetricians say not to drink, for legal 
reasons, in my opinion.
     5. No pump, insulin, etc. can keep up with a can of chug a lugged Coke.  
Perhaps when the pump is a closed system with a glucose sensor.

     6. Sipping a Coke, with a meal, works better, if one insists on a Coke.
     7. the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children ages 1-6 drink 
no more than 4 to 6 oz. of juice a day, & children 7-18, no more than 2 6oz. 
servings a day. the whole fruit is much better for all to eat.
     8. Dehydration can raise BG, plain old water is best, has no caffeine 
(caffeine can cause dehydration). 
     9. Compromise with your children. It works well if children are 
involved. let them plan a meal or two. But if you take in more calories than 
you expend, you will gain weight. I have seen that with new pump users.
     10.  an intake of lots of "sugary" stuff can raise triglycerides. Being 
overweight can raise cholesterol.  We are seeing more children with problems 
in these areas. Let your children know any decisions you are considering are 
based on sound medical and nutritional information.
    Priscilla Schell, RN, CDE (and Mom of type 1 child diagnosed in 1976, now 
a pumper).
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