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Re: [IP] "regular" pop

> My son has been on the pump now for almost 2 months.  All of a
> sudden the issue is coming up about having full strength pop at
> restaurants, friends houses etc.  Also about having full strength
> lemonade instead of Crystal Light.  His point is - "I can bolus for
> this stuff."  I want him to still drink the diet stuff.  Do I have
> good reasons? 

Yes, you have good reasons. His boluses will never exactly match the 
carbs in the soda or the absorbtion of that LARGE amount of carb in 
addtition to whatever else he may eat. Multiple can's of soda will 
simply put him over the edge. It is like any carb item consumed to 
excess. I he persists, you can almost certainly guarantee additional 
highs and lows -- maybe that is the way to convince him, let him find 
out the hard way.
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