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[IP] High basal rates

Tom Wellman wrote:

Does anyone on the list have a basal rate >30 units per day?

My basal rate is 47 u/day.  Although the fasting tests show that this rate
keeps my bgs pretty close to 100-120, my Endo noted that this rate is
nearly twice as high as any of his other pump patients.  We think this is
due to very high insulin resistance combined with T1 because I rarely go
hypo, have a 1:10 Insulin:Carb ratio, and have a low A1c.

If you have a high basal rate, Id appreciate your rationale for the reason.

I've been on a pump for over 18 years, and my basal insulin has always been
about 70-75% of my TDD.  That's just what has worked best with my metabolism
and activity levels.  I only take about 30-35 units daily, and my I:C ratio
varies during the day (backwards from most of the folks here - 1:20 in the AM
and 1:15 in the afternoon).  It's one of those YMMV things, but sounds like
it's what works best for you.  With good A1c's and near-normal bG's, who cares
what "normal" is?  You've found what works best for YOU - and to heck with the
doc's opinion on this one.  If it wasn't right, you'd be having hypos all the
time.  Keep up the good work!

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/68, pumping 12/82
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