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[IP] "regular" pop

From: "Jocelyn Robinson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] "regular" pop

My son has been on the pump now for almost 2 months.  All of a sudden the
issue is coming up about having full strength pop at restaurants, friends
houses etc.  Also about having full strength lemonade instead of Crystal
Light.  His point is - "I can bolus for this stuff."  I want him to still
drink the diet stuff.  Do I have good reasons?  Is just being the Mom and "I
say so" enough?  How have others handled this - is this a battle I want?  I
look forward to some responses.

Of corse you have great reasons. The fact that all those forbidden sweets
exact a price seems to get lost on this list. like I can eat a Cinnabon, why
not?, well the carbs get into your body where insulin converts them to energy
rich Phosphate which is necessary for life but if there is an excess the body
will change it to FAT and put it on your hips, the body never wastes anything.
fat can be converted to energy in a pinch just remember ketoacidosis that is a
prime example. Long ago we were given a guide of how many calories to eat per
day. Eat more, put on pounds get insulin resistance, take more insulin and
suffer with heart dsease and crud in your blood vessels.Insulin outside the
pancreatico portal circulation is not good for you. the pancreas doesn't empty
its veins into the liver for no reason.just because he can do it is not
sufficient reason. part of his diet prescripion was a max number of kCal/day
to eat.If he loooses weight on his current diet is reason to see his diabetes
doc soon.In all the blabber above, you are right. Right on Mom Assert your
parental position. Personally I do not see wasting the calories on pop. just
empty calories. German Chocolate cake from Rindelaub's Bakery (a local gourmet
place) that is different. spot.
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