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[IP] arhritic knees

From: email @ redacted

I have been taking Vioxx for the past 3 mos. for arthritis in my knee.  IT
worked better than any other meds.
Problem is that on my most recent blood work went from 18 to 40.  Creatintin
(BUN).  Dr. will repeat test in 2 wks. off Vioxx and HCTZ.

My A1C was up from 7.3 to 8.3.  Talk about frustrated!!  I had been doing so
well with my control etc. and was looking forward to a 6. something.  As it
happened, 2 days before the test, I was running BG's betweet 400 and 500.
took me 18 hrs. to get it back under control.   I truly believe that is why
it was up to 8.3.  Needless to say, I believe that what happens the month
prior to the test is the most important.  My doctor agreed

My other frustration is not being able to be on the Vioxx.  I have researched
all the NAIDS to find that they should not be used for the same reasons as
I hope someone can suggest what else I may use for the pain.
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Jackie, all of the NSAIDS are brutal on the kidney and "diabetics" should not
take them...that includes the cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors like vioxx and
celebrex. Lodine is a cycloxygenase 2 inhibitor too which never hit the FDA
favorably to get recognized as such. I found that I had problems with that as
well. I suggest Cold or heat as therapy with gentle physical therapy.  simple
stuff which mobilizes the knee. Weight loss if appropriate also takes stress
offf your knee and makes for less pain. spot
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