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[IP] What foods do you choose to no longer eat since having DM Was: regular pop

This soda pop thread started me thinking about the foods I just don't bother
with eating anymore since I have been diagnosed.  Even though with the pump
one can theoretically eat whatever he/she wants by balancing the insulin to
carb ratio I just don't bother with some foods because they aren't worth it
to me.  Here are the foods I don't eat anymore (very short list):

1. Any caloric beverages (I would rather eat my carbs than drink them).
2. Rice (it packs too much of a carb punch for me to bother with it)
3. Cereal (since it's usually a breakfast food and I'm more insulin
resistant in the mornings, I don't bother)

Not much of a sacrifice!  I do drink juice if I'm low but other than that I
don't want to gulp down something I have to bolus for.  I know there are
people who can't stand diet soda so to them it's worth it to bolus for a
coke.  I'm wondering what other pumpers avoid out of personal choice?
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