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[IP] lab things. and a bit off topic tragic and off topic

>>> There are two major types of diabetes mellitus, called type I and type 
Type I diabetes mellitus is also called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
(IDDM), or juvenile onset diabetes mellitus. >>>
 or Autoimmune diabetes mellitus. Mellitus means sweet (Mellissa - sweet as 
a bee) diabetes a siphon, siphoning the life out of you. nothing very 
juvanile about its onset. lots of titles, not much understanding. in 
medicine when things are not well understood we tend to mame (not name) 
them with different names. Like Gerstler Straussler Strauss Syndrome - 
cause unknown until 2 years ago when it was found to be the result of a 
prion. like mad cow disease. excellent board examiners question. name the 
causitive agent and diagnostic features of GSS. or SRO syndrome, another 
poorly understood disease which poor Dudly Moore has. Steele Richardson 
Olsewski Syndrome. thank G-d he has a diagnosis since there is nothing to 
do about it. The microscopic slides of his brain are interesting in that 
they show little cigar shaped structures called torpedo bodies, he also has 
Hirano bodies, The body has really interesting pathological findings but 
they don't help with living at all. I just got up at a big conference here 
in town and read a little poem about it. it wasn't at all funny but all the 
doctors there laughed until the tears ran down our faces.

spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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