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[IP] Elvis in my Kitchen!

Katie's Animas Pump Has Arrived!  She's named it Elvis (hi to jan!) and has 
been devouring the manual & video . . . 

Now if we can just hold it together until the saline start (date still to be 
determined, but hopefully in the next week).  We are so excited (I"m sure 
many of you can relate!).  This pump seems SO easy to use because it's all 
menu driven and even the alarm codes are all text displays (instead of some 
mysterious code).  

I'm so glad that I found this list months ago -- Between all of you and John 
Walsh's book, I really feel like I've got a great foundation on knowing what 
to do on a day-to-day basis, and have also learned of so many great 
strategies for dealing with the wide range of things that *might* happen 
along the way . . .

One thing I have been wanting to do is to get an idea of people's target 
ranges and at what BG level you correct for a "high" . . . I've had some 
pumpers say they correct over 120, others 150 (always assuming you've taken 
unused insulin into account) . . . Katie's a kid chronologically (age 10), 
but at 5' and 100 lbs. she has an adult size body . . . 

Thanks for all you've  taught me so far!

Lyndy, soon to be Katie's pump mama!
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