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[IP] hospitals need to rethink the "diabetic diet"

Hi Folks,
I had another thought after my last post.  Have you ever noticed at the
hospital that the diabetic diet is quite high in carbohydrates?  After I had
my C-section I was served for breakfast the next day:
One carton of OJ
One carton of Nonfat milk
2 pancakes
1 bowl of cornflakes
and sugarfree syrup for the pancakes (!)
I would have been much better off having regular syrup and french toast with
some bacon and tea as my beverage.  Or even a snickers bar would have been
better than the breakfast they served!  Anyone else have this experience at
the hospital?

Also, they wouldn't let me take any insulin for the breakfast (doctors
orders).  I think they thought I was gestational diabetes and as soon as I
had the baby my diabetes would disappear.  Of course when they tested my
blood sugar before lunch it was sky high.  After that the nurses gave me
permission to inject whatever I felt was necessary as long as I told them
how much...LOL.

My point is, I hate that the "diabetic diet" simply means no desserts and a
packet of sweet-n-low on the side.  UGH...this is why I never tell airlines,
etc. that I'm diabetic...I'm afraid what they will serve me!  Of course at
the hospital you can't pretend that you don't have DM.
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