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[IP] Insulin Resistance in Type Is

Yes there are people with type I and insulin resistance, I am one of them.
I was originally dx'd as a type II, then after 4 years of hell, they put me
on insulin, then found out I was type I.
(Onset of type I in ADULTS is between 2 to 4 years!) I was 50 when dx'd with
type I.
Most of the type II drugs, glueaphage, etc. that are insulin sensitivers
work to decrease the resistance. As noted
Exercise is an excellent way to reverse resistance also. The only drugs to
avoid is the type II drugs that LOWER your BG directly - you need the
insulin for this. These type of drugs just "whip" the pancress to produce
Insulin - since yours, and mine, produce very little or none at all - these
drugs do not work and MAY destroy any ability to produce insulin that you
may still have. (Most D's can produce SOME(sometimes very little) insulin).

The medical community is starting to call this type of D as a type 1.5 or a
type 3 diabetic.
Any other questions email me direct at email @ redacted
<mailto:email @ redacted> 

Enjoy each day....
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