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[IP] Today is My One year Anniversary!

Today, May 18, is the one year mark for me with my MiniMed 508.  I noticed
several others celebrating at this time too.  Happy anniversary and many
more happy ones to come!

 I think back to how scared I was of the whole process and now, I am KNOWING
it is the very best thing I ever did in my life!  That first press of the
button on the SofSerter was a scary and big step and now?  well, now, in ten
minutes or less I am up and running for another 4 or 5 days.  I have had
only 2 unconscious hypos in the past year, a great improvement for me.  Have
lost 17 lbs all totaled and have reduced my insulin intake from 38 units TDD
to 28!  I have reversed my urine protein number from 684 mgs to 144.  It has
been a great year for me!

I might also add that because of my success with my pump my grandson now has
one and is doing well with it.  Today feels even more important than my
birthday or Christmas.  I am going to celebrate!
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