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Re: [IP] Bellydancing w/ pump and pump scars


I just started playing the "catch-up" game w/ IP postings, so I haven't
gotten to read the responses you got here - but I am so excited that someone
else is a pumping bellydancer!!  My mom teaches it (still...she's almost
sixty), so it was just something that everyone around me always did while I
was growing up.  I've only done a couple of performance-oriented things
since pumping...not BECAUSE of pumping, just because of an insanely busy
life!  <g>  A couple of ideas:

I have a few of those pretty little velvet "pouch-type" bags, that are
pump-size - they can be made, found in "esoteric" stores or catalogs...or,
these days, found in places where they carry the itty-bitty purses that are
popular for teenagers - Wal-Mart, K-Mart, the boutique stores at the mall.
There are beaded ones that really look like they were intended to be part of
a costume, even!  The trick to using these is to secure them well to the
belt/girdle section of your skirt (or harem pants) itself...NOT to any
loose-fitting or dangly coin belts!  (I found this out the hard way!) You
can even get really creative, if you are inspired to do so, & add trim that
matches your outfit.

At one show we did for a Lions' Club, I just clipped it on "as is", because
I knew I wasn't going to be doing much fast or strenuous movement - it was a
talk/education-oriented show more than a serious dance show.  That was
really cool, because some of the people there got really interested in the
whole idea of bellydancing as an exercise program, partially because they
asked about the pump & we talked briefly about diabetes as well...really a
neat thing, when you get to combine educational topics!  And last summer I
was at an outdoor event, dancing around a nighttime bonfire (again with it
just clipped on my belt), when I felt this little jerk at my leg.  The pump
had come loose & was swinging free...but holding on tight, even without
tape!  I just scooped it up, reclipped & kept right on moving - & nobody
else noticed it had happened!

With costuming, I usually place my site on the upper thigh or WAY lower
abdomen, & I just coil the tubing & secure it as a small coil using a hair
tie or bread twistie...hasn't failed me yet!  (Fingers crossed...which makes
typing a wee bit complicated! <g>)  As for the cute little abdominal dots
that many of us wear...makeup or a little bit of "creative artwork" can make
those either disappear or look very intentional & intriguing!  If you play
"connect the dots" with a fine-line marker & add a few flourishes, you may
captivate your audience in wondering what it means - & if they ask, that's
when you drop your voice low & whisper "I'd tell you, but then Abdul would
have to cut out your tongue" & dance away!

Have a good show this weekend, & let us know how it goes!

Feeling inspired after talking about it to go turn on the music & dance,
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