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Re: [IP] Re: What to do with kids and soda

To my son Joshua, who is now nine and pumping for the better part of 1.5 
years, going on the pump meant being able to eat Skittles candies again.  I 
know to some people that may seem dumb, but to an 8 year old it meant 
returning back to being as close to 'normal' as he was before.  And you know 
what, since pumping I think he has had Skittles ONCE.  I bought them on a 
whim not too long ago really and had them up on a shelf where he could see 
them but had to ask to get them down.  I never even had to tell Josh what was 
required.  First we waited until his night time snack for this special treat. 
 He checked his BGs without being told (BIG miracle just for THAT!!) and then 
he read the carb count on the package and figured his bolus based on his BG 
and carbs.  And then he went in his room and watched TV and it took him the 
beter part of 45 minutes to eat that whole bag of Skittles.  He savored every 
piece.  IT was not something he wanted to rush through at all.  And 2.5 hours 
later we rechecked his BGs just to see....it was 98.  He was PERFECT and he 
knew it without anyone having to say anything, he knew!  And it let me know 
that he was capable.

  The one thing our endo has always stressed is that he is just a kid.  We 
want him to be able to enjoy his kid years as much as possible, but he knows 
the limits.  He doesn't get Skittles very often, but when he does...he 

Good Luck to all moms!  IT's a battle but it's doable!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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