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Re: [IP] hard sites


  My Josh started pumping 1.5 years ago at age 8.  He is terribly skinny, but 
I'm happy to report that he is starting to put a little meat back on his 
bones since pumping!  Anyway, we switched from Tenders (same as Sils) to MM's 
Sof-Sets Micros, and now their new Quick Sets, and we also alternate from the 
top part of his hiney to his lower tummy area around his belly button, about 
2 inches out on either side.  I must admit that his hiney sites do get better 
results, but since using the 90 degree angled set his BGs have been 

  This is, of course our experience, but Josh really is just skin and bones 
so it may apply!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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