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>> Natalie,
>> At this point, I don't eat high concentrated carb
stuff very often,
because it spikes my BGs. And the icky feeling lasts
far longer than the
actual high itself. Plus, it's too easy to make a
mistake in insulin,
and then I run the risk of a hypo. Which causes an
icky feeling that
ALSO lasts longer than the low itself. <<

I agree completely.  I was never one for sugar,
especially before dx.  It really galls me that
nearly any fast food, and  many regular, restaurants
have nothing besides diet cola (I hate both coke and
pepsi).  I realize that in the '60's there wasn't
much else available.  I always drank coffee.  I
don't really like drinking coffee in Las Vegas in
the summertime, when it's in the 100's.  The iced
tea they have is sweetened rasberry.  I do not
understand why they can not supply diet drinks
besides cola.  They often have 7 - 10 other options,
but no others for sugar free  Dm'ers are not the
only ones that are trying to avoid sweets, and often
caffeine (diet 7-up would be good).

I have often (including yesterday) sent complaints
to the corporate offices, for no good.  I guess
profit takes a higher precedence than customer
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