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Okay, I have a question (again)!  I have taken the 'pill' since, gosh, about 
the age of 16 because of irregular menses/amenorrhea.  Since pumping I have 
read a lot about changes in BGs before and during menstruation.  
My question is since taking birth control pretty much dictates the hormones 
being produced, etc, does this still apply to the concept of hormonal changes 
affecting BGs right before menstruation.  I mean I know the hormones are 
still there, but they are pretty much being dictated by a pill and not the 
natural way the body would do it.  So what I'm wondering is since it is kind 
of 'artificial,' would one still experience those swings in BG during the 
week before and during menstruation?
Hope I explained this correctly...
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